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Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living

Equality Standard

What is the Equality Standard?

The Equality Standard is a ground-breaking initiative developed for business, by business, which sets clear equality, diversity and inclusion criteria against which companies will be assessed.

So how does LCiL do this

Using the guidelines set by National Equality Standard LCiL has been awarded the highest accolade in the country for equality and diversity; The Equality Standard Gold Award.

This nationally-acknowledged award is given to organisations who can demonstrate excellence in how they approach equality and diversity with employees, customers and stakeholders.


LCil provides Training on The Equality standard. The objective of the training is to

  • Achieve fairness and enhance equality and diversity in the workplace;
  • Achieve tangible business benefit;
  • Understand and comply with equality legislation and sector specific standards;
  • Reduce the risk of discrimination litigation

By undertaking this training it will:

  • Help you to recruit and keep the best people;
  • Open new markets
  • Make your premises and services more accessible ( we also provided access audit)
  • Help you to meet public sector procurement criteria,
  • Increase your competitive advantage


If you want more information on regards to training please contact us on 0116 222 5005