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Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living


LCiL Brokerage is a service to enable disabled adults to live self-directed lives and contribute to their local communities with the support of independent support brokers. This will be achieved through the use of creative person-centred approaches to planning, problem solving and development of natural circles of support which will enable disabled people to live in and contribute to their local community.

LCil Brokerage works to:

  • support in the creation of the initial budget with the person using self-assessment
  • facilitate and write the annual support plan
  • support the person to participate in and contribute to their community
  • compile and complete documentation for accessing funding and resources
  • facilitate circles of support through person centred approaches to enhance participation in a local community
  • create connections to resources in the community including opportunities to take part in leisure, education and employment and the intentional building of personal networks
  • assist with establishing and implementing a detailed person centred support plan which may involve support with finding and adapting accommodation

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