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Blue badge permits: People with 'hidden disabilities' to be eligible

People with hidden disabilities, such as dementia, may soon by able to access blue badge parking permits in England.

The worst places for cancer care waits revealed

Nearly three-quarters of services are failing to treat cancer patients quickly enough, BBC research shows.

Students want parents to be told in mental health crisis

Two-thirds of students support universities being able to warn parents if students have a mental health crisis, an annual survey suggests.

Drug which helps woman survive breast cancer can also stop prostate cancer spreading in men, new study finds

A pioneering drug that boosts survival for women with breast cancer can stall progression of prostate cancer in men, a landmark study has found.

Self-harm in girls and young women rising at 'alarming' rate

Self-harm is rising among young women and girls at an "alarming" rate, new research suggests.

Families rally against special educational needs funding cuts

Thousands of families with children who have special educational needs and disabilities have staged protests across England against funding cuts.

Disabled people ‘driven to breaking point’ by cuts, says UN expert

Many disabled people’s families have been “driven to breaking point” by cuts to social care, while other disabled people have been denied benefits and forced by the government into unsuitable work, a UN human rights expert has concluded.

Doctors must warn patients of ‘severe’ side-effects of quitting anti-depressants

DOCTORS have been told to warn patients taking anti-depressants about the often “severe” side-effects of quitting.

What is Mental Health Awareness Week? Why 2019’s theme is body image, and how to get involved

Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place across the UK to talk about the problems and stigmas around talking about and diagnosing mental health issues.

Call for poor and disabled to be given NHS fitness trackers

Fitness trackers should be prescribed on the NHS to stop a further widening of health inequality, a new review has warned.