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ESA Claimant Takes On Maximus And Wins

A member of benefits and Work has successfully challenged a claim by Maximus staff that she could not submit an updated ESA50 questionnaire prior to attending a face-to-face assessment.

Five Thousand Disabled Adults Sexually Abused In Last 2 Years Says NSPCC

Almost 5,000 disabled adults have been sexually abused in England in the past two years, figures have shown.

NHS ‘has wasted more than a year’ on latest bid to improve wheelchair services

The NHS has been accused of spending more than a year on its latest bid to improve wheelchair services, while producing nothing but two conferences and a series of working groups.

Devastating impact of cuts on disabled people

The general election is upon us. In 21st century Britain we like to think we live in an equal and fair society, but equality is hard won. There was a time when women chained themselves to railings for their right to vote, a time when gay people were imprisoned and when signs proclaimed “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish”. All have had to fight for their right to equality. Disabled people are fighting too, but not simply for equality – for their very survival.

How to use your disability as a strength when applying for jobs

Career advisers told me to hide my disability on applications, but being open and turning it into a strength helped me get a graduate job

Staging theatre for deaf and hearing audiences

The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble is a group of D/deaf and hearing artists whose work includes British Sign Language (BSL), spoken English, projection, movement, mime, music and soundscapes. All of our work is accessible for D/deaf, hard of hearing and hearing audiences.

A quick guide to new care minister Alistair Burt

Conservative MP Alistair Burt has been appointed as care and support minister in the reshuffle following the general election. He replaces Norman Lamb, a Lib Dem who had held the position since September 2012. We’ve put together a quick guide to the new man in charge.

Meet Justin Tomlinson MP- New Minister For Disabled People

The prime minister has announced that the new minister for disabled people is Justin Tomlinson, Conservative MP for North Swindon. Tomlinson has a strong anti-benefits and anti-human rights background.

PIP Delay Crisis Over, Claims DWP

The DWP claim that the crisis over personal independence payment (PIP) assessment delays is now over, with average wait times down to just 15 weeks from a high of over 40 weeks.

The struggle to find work when you have Down's syndrome

Fewer than two in 10 people with learning disabilities are in employment. For people with Down's syndrome, it can leave them demoralised - but are things changing?