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Deaf pupils in England struggle at every stage of school, report finds

Deaf pupils in England are struggling “at every stage of their education”, with fewer than half leaving school with two A-levels, compared with almost two-thirds of their hearing peers, according to new analysis.

Government pledges to monitor autism employment gap - for the first time

For the first time, the government has pledged to monitor the number of people with autistic spectrum conditions in employment.

Boris Johnson’s arrival as PM greeted with alarm, scepticism and appeal for engagement

Disabled people and their organisations have reacted to Boris Johnson becoming the new prime minister with alarm and scepticism, but also an appeal for “honest engagement”.

New ‘radical history’ of disabled people’s movement ‘has lessons for today’

A new “radical history” of the disabled people’s movement is set to throw new light on the contribution made by one of its most influential figures.

Universal credit: Disabled people to get backdated benefit payments

More than 13,000 disabled people are to receive backdated benefit payments after the government accepted a court ruling over universal credit.

Child mental health unit referrals 'up nearly 50%'

Referrals to child mental health units from UK primary schools for pupils aged 11 and under have risen by nearly 50% in three years, the BBC has learned.

Majority of passengers with disabilities report problems using trains

Two-thirds of passengers with disabilities still experience barriers to travel when using trains, government research has found.

Disability emojis: Guide dog and wheelchair user revealed

Some new emojis - including a wheelchair user, people with walking sticks and a hearing aid - have been revealed.

Stormzy’s Glastonbury sign language interpreter goes viral for being amazing at her job

This weekend Stormzy made history as the first black British solo artist to headline the festival with what is being hailed as an iconic performance.

SEN court case is due to ‘shocking’ and ‘shameful’ austerity impact, say campaigners

Disabled campaigners have spoken outside the high court of the “shocking” and “shameful” impact of the government’s austerity policies on the education of disabled children, as they supported a high-profile legal action.