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5,000 people died before being repaid over benefits error

Five thousand people died before they could be reimbursed for a government error that left chronically ill and disabled benefit claimants thousands of pounds out of pocket, it has emerged.

FA Cup: Third-round games delayed to raise mental health awareness

Saturday's FA Cup third-round ties were delayed by a minute as part of the 'Take a Minute' mental health campaign.

Rail industry and government under attack over ‘outrageous’ access exemptions

Furious disabled campaigners have attacked the government and transport providers after operators were given permission to continue using more than 1,000 inaccessible rail carriages – about eight per cent of the national fleet – after missing a deadline set 10 years ago.

New government provides details on five disability policy pledges

The new Conservative government has described how it plans to fulfil the five major disability policy pledges it included in its general election manifesto.

Prostate cancer breakthrough: New drug could extend life of patients by 'two years' - study

Some men with advanced prostate cancer could survive for at least two more years on immunotherapy, according to a new study.

Autism: 'Unprecedented' demand creates long appointment waits

New data suggests some patients thought to have autism waited over 19 weeks for their first mental health appointments.

Some councils' school transport costs nearly as high as child social care

Councils in England have warned that home-to-school transport, on which many children with special educational needs and disabilities (Send) depend, is under threat because of “unsustainable” costs and insufficient funding.

Half of disability benefits appeals won in tribunal court

One in two people who appealed in court against a decision to deny them disability benefits was successful, analysis of five years of data shows.

Equality watchdog ‘considering action’ on benefits discrimination

The equality watchdog is considering taking action to tackle discrimination in the way decisions are made in the social security system, it revealed this morning.

Smoking may increase risk of mental health problems – study

Smoking tobacco cigarettes could increase the risk of mental health problems such as depression and schizophrenia, research suggests.