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Psychosis 'caused me to lose my job and my home'

Date: 13/2/2020
Summary: A woman who had psychosis has said more support is needed after she lost her job and became homeless while dealing with the condition.

Lauren Buxton, 23, from Abersoch, Gwynedd, became homeless after being admitted to a mental health unit.

Psychosis can cause someone to experience hallucinations and hear and see things that do not exist.

The Welsh Government said it has developed early intervention for psychosis in its mental health plans.

Ms Buxton became ill in 2019.

She said: "This voice would come into my head and say, 'you're hopeless, you haven't been to see your friends or your family for ages'.

"And then it would go on to say, 'you get that no-one wants you here don't you?'

"I came to the conclusion that the people that saw the best in me were trying to make me kill myself."

Following her diagnosis, she spent time in mental health units in Hergest, Bangor, Gwynedd and in Manchester.

"I was so far from my family and friends," she said. "I didn't know the area and there was nothing to make me feel safe."

During this eight-month spell she lost her job as a support worker, and was then evicted from her house as she could not pay her rent.

But she has since recovered and found a new home with the help of Cyfle Support Services.

Jane Wilkinson from the charity, which helps find accommodation for vulnerable people, said: "There aren't enough houses for young people, especially for those looking for houses on their own. People have to wait months.

"And if the person doesn't have good relations with their family, they usually don't have a guarantor for their house and they're too young to pass a credit check of their own.

"But Lauren's story should give others hope when we think back to where she was before. We're very proud of her and all the things she's got ahead of her."

The Welsh Government said: "The importance of developing early intervention in psychosis services is highlighted in our together for mental health delivery plan 2019-2022. The delivery plan outlines work planned to further develop and embed best practice service models."

Source: BBC

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