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Joint mental health commissioning strategy

Date: 22/5/2015
Summary: Please see the following link for your opportunity to comment on the DRAFT mental health joint commissioning strategy.

 Also attached is a PDF of the DRAFT strategy and a Word version of the consultation questions if you need to print them out for anyone.

 This  DRAFT Joint Commissioning Strategy on Mental Health in Leicester aims to improve services and people’s experience of them by focusing on the wider determinants of health and wellbeing, developing prevention and early intervention services and appropriate care, while at the same time addressing major financial challenges.

 The strategy has been produced with the involvement of all partners, including parents, carers, service users and professionals.

 The consultation is open until June 15th, after which time we will review your comments and take the strategy forward to be signed off by all relevant partners.

 Please forward the link to anyone that you feel would like to comment – it is important that this reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Joint MH Commissioning Strategy 2015 - 2019 Joint Mental Health DRAFT Commissioning Strategy

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