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Accessible Information Standard Approved

Date: 21/7/2015
Summary: A new information standard has been approved which aims to ensure that patients with a disability or sensory loss receive accessible information and communication support

All organisations providing NHS or adult social care will be required to follow the new Accessible Information Standard – known officially as SCCI1605 Accessible Information – by 31 July 2016. This includes NHS Trusts and GP practices. The Standard aims to ensure that people who have a disability or sensory loss receive information that they can access and understand, for example in large print, braille or via email, and professional communication support if they need it, for example from a British Sign Language interpreter.

As a result of the Accessible Information Standard (AIS), language is being translated into other means of communication. While this is a clear improvement, more needs to be done to create a more level playing field for disabled people in access to, experience and outcomes of NHS and social care services, eg a 'right to peer support' at diagnosis and crisis stages - moving beyond pure language-based adjustments.

Source Disability Rights UK

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