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Health Committee inquiry and report: Brexit and Health and Social Care – People and Process

Date: 11/5/2017
Summary: Brexit will impact health and social care provision in the United Kingdom. The House of Commons Health Committee published an April 2017 report investigating this impact.

The report identifies six areas of particular concern:

  1. The UK’s health and social care workforce – both those who are here now, and those who we will need in the future
  2. Reciprocal healthcare coverage and cross-border healthcare
  3. Medicines, products, medical devices, clinical trials and wider health research
  4. Public health, including environmental protections and communicable diseases
  5. Resources, including EU agencies, funding programmes, networks and health in overseas aid
  6. Market functioning and trade agreements

The Committee said:

‘Many of the issues relevant to health and social care that will require negotiation do not fit neatly into the EU’s legal definition of ‘health’ policy. We urge the government to put fundamental health concerns front and centre of the British negotiating priorities.’

Download the full report (pdf).

The House of Commons Health Committee launched an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on Health and Social Care in September 2016. Submissions were made by 28 October 2016.

Source: Equality and Diversity Forum

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