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'Unlawful practices and buck passing' over special needs

Parents seeking support for children with special educational needs face unlawful practices, buck passing and a "treacle of bureaucracy", MPs say.

Let patients go for cancer screening at weekends, report urges

Patients must be able to attend cancer screening during evenings and weekends, and in locations close to their home or work, a Government-ordered review has said.

Paralysed man walks using mind-controlled exoskeleton

A French man paralysed in a nightclub accident has walked again thanks to a brain-controlled exoskeleton, providing hope to tetraplegics seeking to regain movement.

Children with special needs are marginalised at school, says NAO

Children with special needs and disabilities are being marginalised by mainstream schools in England, according to a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) which says the system incentivises them to be less inclusive.

Universities 'in dark' over student mental health needs

Universities should be bound by law to meet the mental health needs of their students, an ex-health minister says.

MPs call for overdue government action to ban pavement parking

A committee of MPs has called on the government to ban parking on pavements, after hearing how the practice was putting disabled people all over the country in stressful, inconvenient and even dangerous situations.

One-off injection will save children from inherited blindness

NHS England is to pay for a cutting-edge genetic treatment that will save children with a rare inherited disorder from going blind.

Anxiety and depression: why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs

Spending time in outdoors, taking time out of the everyday to surround yourself with greenery and living things can be one of life’s great joys – and recent research also suggest it’s good for your body and your brain.

Man sets legal landmark as first deaf juror in English court

A 54-year-old technology consultant from London is believed to have established a legal landmark this month by becoming the first profoundly deaf person to sit on a jury in a crown court in England and Wales.

Mystery over sharp drop in disabled people’s unemployment rate

Striking – but unexplained – new official figures show there has been a large fall over the last year in the proportion of disabled people who are unemployed.