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DVLA U-turns on autism disclosure policy after uproar

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has reversed its decision to force people with autism to disclose their diagnosis, even if it does not affect their driving.

Prof Stephen Hawking commemorated on new 50p coin

Prof Stephen Hawking has been honoured on a new 50p coin inspired by his pioneering work on black holes.

Esketamine: US regulator approves nasal spray to treat depression

The US drugs regulator has approved the sale of a new nasal spray to treat depression.

Motor racing - Disabled team set sights on Le Mans 24 Hours entry

DUNSFOLD AERODROME, England - Had Ash Hall’s legs not been blown off in Afghanistan, the former British Army bomb disposal expert would not now be part of a team contemplating entering the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Bipolar patients 'could be on the wrong drugs'

A quarter of patients with bipolar disorder are being prescribed drugs which could make their symptoms worse, a new study has claimed.

Radical Parkinson's treatment tested in patients

A radical Parkinson's treatment that delivers a drug directly to the brain has been tested in people.

Barbie introduces dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs

Barbie's new looks could help fight the stigma around physical disabilities.

‘Smiling depression’: it’s possible to be depressed while appearing happy – here’s why that’s particularly dangerous

The term “smiling depression” – appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms – has become increasingly popular. Articles on the topic have crept up in the popular literature, and the number of Google searches for the condition has increased dramatically this year. Some may question, however, whether this is actually a real, pathological condition.

UK surgeons hail ‘world first’ op to tackle leading cause of sight loss

Surgeons have claimed a world first after carrying out a gene therapy operation to tackle the most common cause of sight loss in the UK.

Disability-themed emojis approved for use

The introduction of dozens of new accessibility-themed emojis has been welcomed by disability rights campaigners.