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News Items

Access to work: Funding increase for disabled workers

The maximum amount disabled people can claim to help them access employment is set to increase to £57,000 a year.

NHS must prepare for `huge´ demand for new Alzheimer´s drugs, experts warn

A dozen Alzheimer’s drugs that can halt, slow or reverse the disease could be available to patients in three years, a report has revealed.

House of Commons could replace benches with fold-down seats to improve access for disabled MPs

Tip-up benches could be installed in the House of Commons to make it easier for disabled MPs to sit alongside party colleagues, a senior parliamentary official has said.

Spring statement ‘shows disabled people will continue to bear brunt of austerity’

The chancellor’s spring statement shows that disabled people will continue to bear the brunt of austerity, according to leading user-led organisations.

Wheelchair users in UK to be given enhanced rights for bus travel

Wheelchair users are to be given enhanced rights for bus travel, the government has announced, after a landmark Supreme court judgement.

Disabled passengers' champion unveiled

Many rail businesses are missing out on a customer base worth almost £250 million by not catering for disabled passengers’ needs.

Mystery over shock fall in disability benefits paid to older people

“Astonishing” figures released by the government show that the number of older disabled people receiving benefits to help with their daily living costs has plummeted since 2011.

Call for government to ditch ‘discriminatory’ PIP rules for NHS care home stays

Campaigners are calling on the government to scrap a policy that prevents disabled people with complex healthcare needs receiving the benefits they need to stay mobile if they are living in residential homes.

Echolocation could help blind people learn to navigate like bats

Some people who are blind learn the extraordinary skill of echolocation, using mouth clicks to explore their environment in a way comparable to how bats navigate.

High Court rules Tories' disability benefit changes ‘blatantly discriminate’ against mental health patients

The High Court has ruled that government changes to the disability benefit system “blatantly discriminate” against people with mental health problems and are in breach of their human rights.