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Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living

History of LCiL

So What Have You Kept?

Sometimes the hardest questions can solicit the easiest of answers. For example..... What makes an organisation work? It's the people of course.

The really innovative amongst us even dare to suggest to getting users involved is the way forward. What actually employed and in positions of management??

Disabled people can do it for themselves.....who knew!

People often ask what the attraction is of working in the voluntary and community sector? I can think of many but all come back to a desire to work with the most vulnerable in society and those that need support in advocating for their rights.

I guess the best person to answer that question would be someone who has chosen to dedicate their entire work career to it because it's not for the faint hearted with its annual cycle of breath-holding moments while chasing funding bids.

The sector also has a heavy dependency on volunteers that do so much unpaid work that it often leads people to undervalue the services offered by organisations. A regular turnover of volunteers creates its own challenges so retaining and valuing people is a key factor in any organisations development.

Before you know it your 3 year plan comes and goes, funding bids are won (or lost) and you move onto the next challenge.

So in 2015 we find ourselves at LCiL getting ready to celebrate our first birthday at the West End Centre. As we think back over the year it's easy to forget what a unique opportunity to it has been for our user led charity to take on this building. Would we have taken the plunge if we knew what lay ahead? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure without the dedication of the whole team it would not have been possible.

In preparation for the birthday event I thought it was a good opportunity to look at the history of LCiL and see what items were stored away in cupboards, previous annual reports, photos etc. since it all started back in 1997.

So the next question was how many former staff, volunteers and members out there have press cuttings, campaign posters, flyers, photos from their own experiences over the last 20 years.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary year of the Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living so let's start digging out bottom drawers and boxes in cupboards to help build a living history of the organisation.

There will be photo exhibitions created and we are even thinking about an anniversary booklet so please do your best to help.

Please get in touch if you have any items to share or would like to join the volunteer project team.